Brick Turpin

PFA a brief history.. 10th June 2011, I bought this brick. I loved it.

Within the first month it needed a new engine. The first year – new carb and air filter.

Second year – ignition system upgrade. I might have cried a bit but still loved it.

Things went well for a year or so until it failed an MOT, needing some welding, a new fuel tank and other things. I went off it a bit and drove home, parked up and left it until I could sell my kidneys.

Five years later I picked up a set of spark plugs to start it up and maybe sell and fell in love all over again. For the last couple of years have been picking jobs off the MOT failures list (& a few bonus ones for good measure).

I’m planning to retrospectively post some updates to document progress, mostly for myself as I seem to easily forget the things I’ve done, but also as I find other’s blogs etc helpful it seems like a good thing to see if I can contribute too.

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